GLTN Capacity Development Consultancy

le 17/06/2013

GLTN Capacity Development Consultancy, (Home based with the possibility of travel), Deadline: 1 July 2013

Vacancy Announcement

Issued on: 17th June 2013


DUTY STATION:Home based with the possibility of travel

FUNCTIONAL TITLE:GLTN Capacity Development Consultancy

DURATION: 15 July 2013 – 15 July 2015 (a minimum of 10 and maximum of 120 days per consultant within this timeframe)

CLOSING DATE: 1 July 2013


The Land and GLTN Unit, within the Urban Legislation, Land and Governance Branch of UN-Habitat has the mandate to develop pro-poor, gender-responsive and large scale normative approaches on sustainable urbanisation in regard to  rural and urban land, innovative residential tenures, affordable land management/administration systems, land related regulatory/legal frameworks and tools. . The Unit hence focuses on research and tool development also to backstop the Global Campaign on Sustainable Urbanisation of the agency, to supply technical advice to Member States and backstop the Regional offices and other sections of UN-Habitat. Tools provide a resource for enabling and understanding on how to perform actions. While there has been extensive global discussion around land policies that work for the poor, there has been insufficient attention paid to the development of methods for implementing these pro poor land policies. Consequently what are required now are pro poor land tools that are affordable and accessible for all sections of the population in countries worldwide. This is essential for creating societies with sustainable, equal access and use of land. Work has already started on these approaches, both for developing and post conflict societies. Incremental up scaling of this work over time, as capacity is developed, is envisaged through the Global Land Tool Network (GLTN), which Secretariat is located within the Land and GLTN Unit at UN-Habitat.