Notice of publication : Ordinary changes in land use linked to urbanisation in the global South : Housing, capitalisation, agricultural changes
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This study looks at the ways in which land use is converted in the South as a result of urbanisation. Large-scale conversions generated by major development projects, infrastructure, industry and extractive activities, or large-scale land grabs in rural areas have been widely examined over the last decade.

On the other hand, the way in which residents, holders of local land rights, local economic players, local elected representatives – in short, ordinary players – acquire plots of land and divert them from their previous use with a view to capitalisation, housing or the development of economic activities has hardly been documented.

The analyses carried out by the Land and Development Technical Committee suggest a number of avenues and principles that could guide public action, based in particular on improving citizen participation and monitoring, putting in place financial and tax mechanisms to share the land rent associated with conversions so that it contributes to funding local development, and supporting territorial foresight and planning initiatives.


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