2021 Conference on Land Policy in Africa

du 01/11/2021 au 04/11/2021

Land Governance for Safeguarding Art, Culture, and Heritage Towards the Africa We Want

The fourth CLPA is scheduled to take place over 1 – 4 November 2021 under the theme: “Land governance for safeguarding art, culture and heritage towards the Africa We Want.” The Conference will focus on African heritage and cultural dimensions of land and the potential to secure livelihoods, economic growth, and sustainable development through the creative economy in both the rural and urban settings. The Conference will also focus on fostering innovation, and stimulating social and economic value through creativity, talent, intellectual capital, expressions of the arts, and cultural entrepreneurship.

The Conference on Land Policy in Africa (CLPA) is organized biennially by the African Land Policy Centre (ALPC), a joint initiative of the African Union Commission, the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa, and the African Development Bank.

The Land Portal Foundation is a media partner of the conference and is holding two events during the conference.

Open and Transparent Land Data Systems for Inclusive Land Governance, which takes place on Wednesday, 3rd November 2021 (12:30 –  1:30 pm – CET / 2:30 – 3:30 pm – East African Time), will showcase evidence of how open land-data governance systems can be used as a tool to untangle and ameliorate the damage caused by a lack of open and transparent land governance systems.

Decolonization of Customary Law and Institutions , which takes place on Wednesday, 3rd November 2021 (3:25 – 4:25 pm – CET, Zimbabwe and South Africa / 5:25 – 6:25 pm – East African Time), will explore and deepen understanding of customary law and its role in land governance systems in SADC countries as a tool to bring about positive social change and safeguard culture and heritage.

The goal of the conference is to deepen capacity for land policy in Africa through improved access to knowledge and information on land policymaking and implementation. The CLPA is a platform for presenting research findings and focusing the attention of a comprehensive range of stakeholders on the issues and status of land policy development, implementation and monitoring in Africa. The CLPA also provides a unique opportunity to showcase emerging and promising practices and facilitate networking. Conference participants include researchers, governments (including parliamentarians), traditional authorities, farmers, civil society, private sector, land practitioners and development partners. The CLPA was first held in 2014, focusing on land, Investment and agriculture issues. A second edition of CLPA was held under a theme targeting youth, land and employment in November 2017. The most recent 2019 CLPA focused on winning the fight against corruption in the land sector.

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