Achieving Sustainable Development Goals through land rights (tenure security) for women

le 05/10/2017

More than 75% of the Tanzanian depend on land as the means of livelihood, and majority of these are women leaving in rural areas where agriculture and pastoralism is the main economic activity. However, with an increasing demand on land for investment and other “development” activities, the pressure leaves rural communities with uncertainty of their tenure security. These uncertainties coupled with some of the culture and traditions discriminating against women doubles the fear among the female population, especially those in rural areas.

The 2030 Sustainable Development Goals agenda signed by world leaders all over the world aims to create a more just future. The most important driver for the achievement of the agenda are community members  and their  ability to access, own, make decisions, and control  natural resources including land and its produce for their own benefit and generations to come. For a country like Tanzania with majority of its citizens depending on land, secured tenure rights for its people is the most important channel to achieving the SDGs.

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