Before and after land acquisition: new tools to improve dialogue between companies and communities

le 10/07/2017

For some time, civil society organisations have demanded that communities be consulted before land acquisition by companies, government agencies and financial institutions.

While some companies practising corporate social responsibility or other quality management guidelines do take the step of fulfilling their duty of communicating with communities during the process of acquiring land, how can they be sure that the communities are really understanding and agreeing with the company’s project? Only by setting up an honest dialogue this can be happen and for this, communication is key.

In a joint project, Village Focus International (VFI), international non-profit organisation RECOFTC and agro-forestry company Stora Enso have developed and tested a series of communication tools for Stora Ensoes land team. These tools have been presented the 5th of May at VFI by all three project holders.

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Source : Mekong Region Land Governance New Update July