Governing the Commons: 30 Years Later A Virtual Symposium hosted by The Ostrom Workshop

le 02/10/2020

This virtual event celebrates the 30th anniversary of Elinor (Lin) Ostrom’s seminal and influential Governing the Commons, and, more broadly, the legacy of Lin’s scholarship and life. It will bring together a stellar group of international scholars and former students and collaborators of Lin. The opening panel has three short keynotes, followed by four short (~30 mins) dynamic panels on:

  • social-ecological systems thinking and practice
  • polycentric governance,
  • ‘new commons’ (health, data and knowledge, urban), and
  • environmental justice and policing studies

These short sessions will explore the impact of Governing the Commons on the idea of self-governance and alternatives to the market-vs-state dichotomy; the understanding and practice of resource management at local, state, national, and international levels; what does polycentric governance teach us about reforming a variety of institutions designed to manage these threats; what work could be done over the next 30 years to refine the Ostrom Design Principles and related governance frameworks to ensure the peaceful, sustainable use of the commons.

This is an online event and registration is required. This event kicks off World Commons Week 2020 organized by the International Association for the Study of the Commons.