Helping indigenous communities secure land rights in Nepal

le 22/01/2021

A land rights project in Nepal is working with young people to map land claims and help more than 2,000 Indigenous farmers get legal title to the lands their families have farmed for generations. The project is being supported by local officials and is attracting interest from local governments across Nepal.

Based in Nepal, the Community Self Reliance Centre (CSRC) supports communities to address the structural injustices that contribute to landlessness and inequity among Nepali farmers. To date, CSRC has supported more than 59,897 landless and tenant families to formalise their land ownership, and helped over 13,000 couples to acquire joint land ownership titles.

This case study tells the story of how CSRC, by working in close partnership with the municipal government and leveraging the energy of local youth, has pioneered a strategy of rapidly documenting thousands of Indigenous families’ lands.

CSRC undertook this work as part of its participation in the Community Land Protection Co-Learning Initiative, an annual peer-to-peer learning programme for grassroots organisations working on community land rights. CLPI is a joint programme of IIED, Namati and the International Land Coalition (ILC).


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