LANDac Annual International Conference 2021

du 30/06/2021 au 02/07/2021

Land, Crisis and Resilience

June 30th – July 2nd, 2021, Afternoons (CEST), online

The LANDac Annual International Conference offers a podium for knowledge exchange between researchers, practitioners and private sector representatives interested in land governance for equitable and sustainable development. As the COVID-19 global crisis continues to restrict travel and large-scale events, the LANDac Annual International Conference 2021 will be held in an online format.

Programme & Registration

This year’s conference ‘Land, Crisis and Resilience’ focuses on the challenges that global, intertwining crises pose to land governance systems, processes and actors. The global pandemic and the expected economic decline play out simultaneously with ongoing effects of climate change and persistent food insecurity. The COVID-19 pandemic put land access and land governance under pressure, and both uncovered and deepened underlying problems. While we have only started to document the impacts of the pandemic on rural and urban livelihoods, we also need to ask how it plays out in relation to these other crises,  such as chronic poverty or acute climate-related hazards. The conference will address three interconnected questions:

  • How do different global crises impact land access? (And where do we see the biggest problems?)
  • How does the land governance landscape respond? (And where does it need to do better?)
  • What can we learn about resilience in response to these intertwined crises? (And how could land governance support that?)

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