On the way to the World Forum on Access to Land – March 31srt / April 2nd – University of Valencia

le 14/10/2015

The WFAL global assembly will unite as many representatives as possible from the three major categories of signatories. There will be a large number of farmers’ organizations as well as urban and rural civil society organizations (in particular, organizations that are focused on gender and on youth). The forum is of course open to any and all organizations or individuals interested in participating, as long as they respect the WFAL’s mission and the discussion rules laid out by International Organizing Committee.

Forum organizers are working hard to obtain funding for travel, room, and board for as many participants as possible. We are also counting on the support of participating organizations and institutions that are in a position to cover transportation costs for their representatives.

The regional discussion phase of the WFAL has officially begun. The goal of this phase is to collect information about evolutions in land and natural resources access over the last 10 years from everyone who is interested in contributing. For further informations, please see the specific article about what kind of contributions is expected.

More than 380 organizations, 350 personalities, and 7 governmental or international institutions have already signed the call. If you wish to participate in the activities of the Forum, please previously sign the call on the FMAT website http://landaccessforum.org/en/wfal-2016/, to receive directly the information and notification about the opening of the various discussions.

This Forum will be a time to move towards solutions to end as fast as possible with the natural ressources grabbing. We are counting on you all to help us in this project.

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Source : Agter