Opening of the Mekong Land Information and Knowledge Engagement platform

le 23/04/2018

The Platform MLIKE has been established as a community engagement website, supported with a range of other social media links and facilities, uniquely designed to facilitate collaboration and sharing amongst land actors for the Mekong region.

There are many features to explore. In particular using the Community > group” facility you can form online groups to coordinate projects and other work or to hold members-only discussions.  Via Community > forums you can participate in or even convene open discussions on whatever is of interest to our community of users.

MLIKE’s land issues blog is a venue to share your own land-related stories or to offer reading and media recommendations. Likewise the “resources” section, is for users to share resources they found useful in their land-related work.

The website connects to MLIKE photo, video, and slideshare, which are collections made available for sharing and re-use via Creative Commons licensing. These are also intended to be crowd-sourced from our own community. Links to other resource sites are also provided. By pooling our resources and sharing our knowledge we expect to become more effective and efficient in our collaboration.

Go to the platform here.