Putting open data into action : Shaping an open up guide on land governance

le 16/03/2020

Data use across the land sector remains limited by a lack of openness, limited clarity about responsible data sharing, and disconnected data silos, serving particular communities and ignoring the needs of others. We want to change that.

Join Land Portal, Open Data Charter and the Open Government Partnership research team to shape the design of a new resource designed to transform land information ecosystems, so that diverse datasets can be made accessible to meet a much wider range of needs.

The Open Up Guide on Land Governance will join a series of existing Open Up guides from the Open Data Charter. Guides help governments, civil society and other stakeholders work together to make data open and usable, setting priorities, identifying the standards to use, and linking data with action.

In this first workshop, from 9am – 3pm on 16th March, hosted at the Open Government Hub, Washington DC, we will bring together stakeholders interested in, and using, data on land and land governance in different ways. Through a series of facilitated sessions, we will discuss different use cases for land data, the key datasets that could or should be provided, and the commitments different stakeholders need to make in order to open up.

The workshop builds on the recent Land Portal online dialogue on open data in the fight against land corruption, and the State of Open Data chapter on Land Ownership data.

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