Refocusing the South African land debate

du 19/11/2018 au 30/11/2018

What can we do to achieve sustainable pro-poor land reform in South Africa?

Join the Dialogue: November 19-30, 2018

Land has been making headlines in South Africa. In February 2018, South Africa’s National Assembly passed a resolution to establish an ad hoc Constitutional Review Committee to explore and debate the need for a constitutional amendment to allow for the expropriation of land without compensation in the public interest.

Many serious commentators have argued that the focus on land expropriation without compensation is a diversion from a focus on the failures of the land reform programme to improve equitable access to land and the lives of the majority of poor South African households.

The potential and limitations of land reform

To progress we have to ask what land reform is for  and what difference equitable access to land will make in South African society.

This online dialogue will ask what can we do to achieve sustainable pro-poor land reform in South Africa? This online dialogue is facilitated by Phuhlisani NPC in association with the Land Portal in search of solutions.

The specific objectives of this dialogue are to provide an online forum to explore different perspectives on the content of a pro-poor programme of land reform that can:

  • Actively promote equitable access to land in rural and urban areas to tackle spatial and economic inequality
  • Provide tenure security for 60% of South African citizens whose property rights remain off-register
  • Grow and support small producers and contribute positively to the livelihood security of marginalised rural and urban South Africans
  • Address the current shortcomings affecting existing restitution, redistribution and tenure reform programmes


    The debate takes place from Monday 19th November and closes on Friday 30th November.

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Source : Land Portal