The Tenure Facility : a new multi stakeholder institution focused on collective rights

le 08/02/2016

The Tenure Facility is the first and only multi-stakeholder institution exclusively focused on securing collective rights to land and forests.

While many community organizations, governments, and international institutions are addressing aspects of the global land and forest tenure crisis, to date, there has been no coherent international body capable of securing the rights of indigenous and local communities while also remaining complementary to ongoing international initiatives and engaged with the private sector. This unmet demand continues to hinder progress on human rights, sustainable development, agriculture, forest conservation, and climate change. Governments face serious challenges to implement tenure reforms and titling.

The Tenure Facility is designed to be strategic and synergetic with local, national, and international stakeholders to foster community level partnership and joint action with governments and the private sector. The Tenure Facility’s projects promote local and indigenous ownership and are designed to provide quick and flexible financing without the burden of time consuming procedures.

The Tenure Facility concept was developed by the Rights and Resources Initiative (RRI) coalition.