Webinair : Post COP27: Reflecting on Donor Promises to Forest Guardians

du 01/12/2022 au 01/11/2022

We know that donor support for Indigenous Peoples and local communities forest guardianship has been an important topic of debate and has been brought to the forefront in this past year.

With a historic 1.7 billion dollar pledge having been made at COP26 by the Forest Tenure Funders Group to advance IPLCs tenure rights and their forest guardianship, it is important that we discuss challenges and opportunities in the context of these important advancements.

The discussion will explore the top-line conversations at this upcoming COP27 that have been valuable to Indigenous communities and representatives present. What are the most important opportunities moving forward and how can donors support this? How do these new and emerging topics fit into the larger picture of land rights?

This webinar will be available in English, French, Spanish and Portuguese

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