Webinar : Reporting on Environmental and Land Issues: The Solutions Journalism Approach

le 09/03/2022

The Land Portal believes that access to information is crucial for achieving good land governance and securing land rights for landless and vulnerable people. The Solutions Journalism Network (link is external) is leading a global shift in journalism, focused on what the news misses most often: how people are trying to solve problems and what we can learn from their successes or failures.

To tell the whole story about how humans affect the environment is critical to shift the way we relate to our planet, and to empower and inspire communities and individuals to take positive action through the power of information. The implications go beyond protecting nature because solutions to repair the environment often restore access and rights to land to the most vulnerable communities. Solutions journalism is rigorous and compelling coverage on how communities and individuals try to solve problems and what can we learn from their successes or failures.

The Land Portal is collaborating with Nieves Zúñiga, journalist and 2022 LEDE Fellow at the Solutions Journalism Network, on a year-long project in which six journalists around the world will be publishing works about land and the environment using the solutions journalism approach. The project aims to facilitate training, dialogue, story production and dissemination on solutions repairing environmental damage and improving land governance.

The Land Portal Foundation and Solutions Journalism Network invite you to join us on March 9, 2022 to discover a new way of reporting about environmental and land issues and how you can participate in a global shift in journalism.


  • Nieves Zúñiga – Introduction and Moderation
  • Alfredo Casares – Solutions Journalism: How to Tell the Whole Story
  • Swati Sanyal Tarafdar – Reporting on Land Solutions: Threading the Hows and the Why
  • Mavic Conde – Agroecology and Land Rights: Solutions on two sides of the same coin
  • Romy Sato – Guide to Land Portal Resources for Journalists and Researchers

Register on the link below :