Webinar : Women and community land rights : investing in local champions

le 16/06/2021

Women’s Land Tenure Security (WOLTS) is a practical action-research project on gender and land, led by development consultants Mokoro. For more than five years WOLTS has collaborated with local partners People Centered Conservation (PCC) in Mongolia and HakiMadini in Tanzania, investigating the intersection of gender and land relations in mining-affected pastoralist communities. The project aimed to develop a methodology for long-term community engagement and capacity building to protect and support the land rights of all vulnerable people.

This project has demonstrated that investing in a diverse group of land rights champions, both women and men, can be a game changer both for women and for the wider community. The local land rights champions nurtured through the WOLTS project are delivering change – challenging land grabbers, reinvigorating local power structures to protect the rights of women and other vulnerable groups, and delivering real improvements for women’s land rights and community land rights alike.

This webinar will share latest results from the project’s work over the past five years, including the methods used to engage local communities and identify and train land rights champions. It will also show that this methodology can help to empower communities to combat entrenched patriarchal norms and challenge land grabbing across the Global South. Crucially, it demonstrates how better understanding of women’s land rights benefits the whole community.

Source : Landportal.

To register for the webinar which will take place on June 16, 2021 at 2:00 pm Paris time, click on the link below :