Webinar : Women inheriting land : rights and realities

le 22/02/2019

The Land Portal Foundation and the NRMC Center for Land Governance are partnering with key organizations to hold a series of three webinars on Forest Rights and Governance in India, Land Rights for Slum Dwellers in the East Indian State Odisha: Making technology work for the urban poor and Women Inheriting Land: Rights and Realities, leading up to the third annual India Land and Development Conference (ILDC), which will take place from 12-14 March, 2019. The results of these webinars will inform discussions at respective panel sessions during the conference with the aim of making panel-conversations more nuanced while also ensuring deeper dives into the subject, thereby achieving  more actionable results. The ultimate goal of these webinars is to contribute to desirable changes in institutional frameworks and to eliminating barriers that are limiting implementation of legal and policy frameworks, through enhanced awareness and understandings of stakeholders. In addition, these webinars will connect local and global discourse and audiences, with the immediate outcome of enhanced and nuanced appreciation of the issue and more informed actions that contribute to better results.

The webinar on Women Inheriting Land: Rights and Realities will take place on 22 February from 6:00 PM – 7:30 PM IST (1:30-3:00 PM CET or 7:30-9:00 AM EST). The webinar is co-organized by Landesa and the Working Group for Women and Land Ownership (WGWLO) with support from  the NRMC Center for Land Governance and the Land Portal Foundation.

Ownership and control over land is essential to ensuring gender equality and improve the quality of lives of not only women, but also of their families and communities. Despite a hoard of international and national commitments, ownership of land continues to be an area with appalling disparities between men and women. An overlapping web of legal, structural, socioeconomic, and cultural factors prevent women from realizing their right to own land. These complexities and the opportunities therein, lay the background of the proposed webinar.


  • Dr. Govind Kelkar, Senior Advisor -women, Land and Productive Assets, Landesa -India.
  • Dr. Hema Swaminathan, Associate Professor, Center for Public Policy IIM – Bangalore.
  • Ms. Niti Saxena, Activist and Researcher, Uttar Pradesh.
  • Dr. Varsha Bhagat-Ganguly, Researcher & former Convener, Working Group on Women and Land Ownership (WGWLO), Gujarat.


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This webinar is part of the global campaign to close the gap between policy and practice in women’s land rights.

Source : Land Portal