What do we know about gender and large-scale land acquisitions?

le 15/02/2016

Agricultural investments can benefit local communities, but evidence suggests that women lose out on those benefits and bear a disproportionate share of the negative impacts. Landesa and other organisations are working to address the limited research on this topic and provide practical guidance to investors and other relevant stakeholders on how to develop gender-sensitive investments.

Land rights — who holds them, how strong they are — are one of the key factors influencing who participates in land investment negotiations within communities, and  who may ultimately benefit from them. This means that women’s weaker land rights can make them more vulnerable to losing out in investment processes. Though large-scale land acquisitions have attracted global attention, far less consideration has been paid to their gender aspects. However, a number of organisations are working to address this research gap and are yielding new insights.

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Source : Legend Land Policy Bulletin