Women’s Land Rights Toolkit – ILC

le 15/10/2016

On the occassion of Rural Women Day (October 15th) we are pleased to launch the Women’s Land Rights toolkit.

In 2013, the Women’s Land Rights Initiative began a mapping exercise of ILC members’ expertise and practices related to women’s land rights and gender justice in order to strengthen the vibrancy of ILC network.

As a result of this exercise, we pulled together a range of useful tools used by ILC members, intended to be implemented at community, national and global levels. ILC members from different regions have used these tools and consider them interesting and effective in their effort to promote, protect and strengthen women’s land rights. In fact, one of the main characteristics of the tools is their adaptability to different contexts and different areas of work.

It is our hope that they provide clear guidance, can be replicated within different context and above all, are useful!

We  encourage you to use these tools and  adapt them to your specific context. Each tool includes useful links to get in touch with the ILC member that have used (or elaborated) that specific tool.

The toolkit is available for download here

Source : Le Hub Rural