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Indigenous Peoples and their Sacred Lands

(ANGOC / MISEREOR) | Journal of the Asian NGO Coalition | 2015 |
Indigenous Peoples and their Sacred Lands

In South Asia, indigenous peoples comprise an estimated 37% of the population in Nepal, 15% in Pakistan, 8.6% in India, and 2% in Bangladesh. In terms of numbers, India has the largest indigenous and tribal population in Asia (80 million people), comprised of over 500 distinct communities.

In light of these figures, the importance of land rights and access to resources by the indigenous populations of Asia cannot be overstated. The seven country papers presented here speak of vast diversity across the different groups who live in varied geographical locations, speak unique languages, practice distinct custom.

This compilation of scoping studies reveals how the basic bond of indigenous peoples to land are threatened by forces far more powerful than they are equipped to face.

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