Fiche/guide méthodologique

Systematic Land Registration in Rural Areas of Lao PDR

Florian Rock, Viladeth Sisoulath, Christian Metzger, Souksavath Chanhtangeun,, Xaysana Phayalath, Julian Derbidge | GIZ | 2015 |
Systematic Land Registration in Rural Areas of Lao PDR

This document attempts to summarize the GIZ experiences gained through the various pilot and model development activities tested so far, as well as to design a standardized system for systematic land registration in rural areas of Lao PDR.

This comprehensive and inclusive system also covers some parts which have not yet been sufficiently piloted but constitute proposals on how to complement the overall approach, e.g. in terms of communal land registration. Any parts of the document suggesting new and untested methodologies will be clearly highlighted.

The final objective is to describe an approach to land registration which encompasses all existing land parcels and all categories of land tenure located within the administrative boundaries of a given village or a selected target area.